Alarmist Climate Sceptics Party declare ice age is now upon us

As I pointed out in my recent post about the lousy predictions of Bob Carter, the deniers’ entire belief system rests on the assumption that the global cooling will begin soon. It simply has to. Their faith relies on it, like the Christian belief that Jesus will return in our lifetime. It didn’t happen in those other lifetimes, but it will definitely happen soon. They don’t need evidence, they have belief. 

As if to prove my theory correct, the Climate Sceptics Party (or the NO CARBON TAX CLIMATE SCEPTICS as they prefer to be shoutily known as, the “CHOKE ON A DEAD DOG’S DONGER JULIAR YOU BITCH OF BOB BROWN NO CARBON TAX Party” being apparently against AEC regulations), a gullible outfit of conspiracy-prone fringe figures whose policies seem to be based on the last thing they read on the internet, announced that we are now in an ice age

Did you read that correctly? Yes you did. 

Ice age!

Their evidence for this alleged ice age is a mish-mash of posts from weirdo websites such as “Ice Age Now” (running since 1997 and recently moved to the domain .info to trick people into thinking they might actually find something informative there) and the work of Dr Abdussamatov, a Russian astrophysicist who denies the laws of physics that create the greenhouse effect, denies that Co2 is added to the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels and who’s been predicting an imminent ice age since at least 2010 thus putting him at the odds of basically every scientist on the planet, as well as every major fake climate sceptic such as Dr Roy Spencer, Christopher Monckton and Anthony Watts (but not The Australian, who promoted a coming ice age back in 2008).

This is who the Climate Sceptics Party choose to get their science from. Sadly, they don’t take heed of their own beliefs as their website contains no policies to deal with the ice age that we just stumbled into without realising it. 

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2 Responses to Alarmist Climate Sceptics Party declare ice age is now upon us

  1. john byatt says:

    Leon Ashby their president wished to start christian coffee shops in Mt Gambier some years ago to show what he referred to as “christian evidence based videos” for youth, one councillor asked “what does evidence based mean” the request for help from the council was refused

    he then was going to start a political party opposed to fluoridation, when that fell through he started the Climate sceptics party.

    the site is run by one geoff brown a serial liar blog master, moderator and chief troll, see uknowispeaksense blog

    all found via google

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