Malcolm Roberts fails again

Malcolm Roberts, the Galileo Movement “project manager” who believes global warming is a conspiracy cooked up by “banking families” (i.e Jews) and so caused the ever-gullible Andrew Bolt to have himself removed as an advisor for that organisation, has joyfully returned, clutching a cracking new report outlining the “hoax” named “CSIRoh!“.

As one can imagine, the report, a response to the CSIRO report of 2010, is so full of inane howlers and tin-foil hatted whimsy it makes the Protocol Elders of Zion look like Shakespeare by comparison.

It is so crazy in fact that even the Galileo Movement are quietly distancing themselves from it – at first, denying knowing who Malcolm Roberts actually is.

They aren’t helped by the fact that Roberts is merrily spamming every journalist, scientist, politician and right-wing blog aggregator with it, coupled with demands of resignations and a disclaimer that if you fail to respond to him it must mean you agree.

“In gratitude, I present you this offering of cookies and milk. If you want me to eat them for you, give me no sign. Thy will be done.”

Much like a creationist whose scientific views are unassailable because he knows God created the universe, Roberts believes his scientific views are unassailable because he knows the UN are corrupt – it’s classic case of shoehorning the evidence to fit that belief. So it is on page two of part one where, instead of outlining where the CSIRO have gone disastrously wrong on a scientific level, Roberts drops this clanger:

Speaking at United Nations (UN) conferences, CSIRO scientists use taxpayer funds to advocate for global governance. This is consistent with CSIRO’s actions supporting implementation of UN Agenda 21, the UN’s campaign pushing global governance.
It bypassed Australia’s parliament and people and threatens Australia’s sovereignty and our personal freedoms.

Throughout the report, Roberts proves himself to to the be in such extreme denial that he is to the right of every major fake skeptic, reiterating extreme views such as the apparent inability of humans to contribute Co2 to the atmosphere(!).

In fact, out of a 25 page report, Robert spends all of six – six – pages discussing the actual science, and he does this by magically conjouring strawman questions based on incorrect assumptions and bravely taking them down with cherry-picked science that just somehow manages to fit his ideology, and therefore must be correct.

The rest of the report is spent outlining a grand conspiracy between governments, universities, the ABC, the UN, Mike Carlton (in fact, anyone who has personally hurt his feelings) that goes all the way to the middle. Roberts knows this is true because he is a frightened, fearful man looking for someone or something to blame for the onward march of science that threatens his political beliefs.

Hypocritically, Roberts chastises scientists for being paid by the government (who are, I now understand, controlled by the UN and Al Gore for some reason) when he has worked for the mining industry in the past. There’s no conflict of interest there, and two-faced Roberts doesn’t complain about government-funded science when it fits his ideology.

The sad fact is that Roberts, Monckton and his ilk are starting to show the deniers for the fringe embarrassments they are. One wonders, with the huge silence his groundbreaking report has gotten, what levels of extremist beliefs he’ll be driven to next?

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